Web Portal Maintenance & Support

Hawkeeyed emphasis on the necessity for Portal Maintenance Services (PMS) makes a substantial difference in the way you run and manage your businesses. The PMS roll out key advantages obviously measured in reduction of your costs and efforts to eliminate the need to hire full time resources from programmers to experts to analyze, train employees on surveillance security issues of the portal and spares you from getting strained in understanding the technological aspects of the business.

Hawkeeyed's portal maintenance service is positioned as committed services with a thoughtful approach alike you watering a plant into a fruitful tree. Our approach balances the need for betterment, space for defect rectification, eye for security issues and our ability to adapt with advanced technology and your business demands, makes our clients choose Hawkeeyed in the first place.

Our PMS Service empowers our clients to score an extra competitive mileage over the rest by optimizing their portals respectively and periodically. We lay assertive and attentive plans for the scalability purposes and in mapping the software and hardware requirements inline with your growing businesses.

Our comprehensive maintenance and support services include :

  • On-going Support (bug fixing, problems analysis and resolution, on-call support)
  • Adaptive Enhancements (modifications to support business or technical requirements' changes)
  • Perfective Upgrades (new functionality/features)
  • Technical Improvement (optimization restructuring/rewriting)

We Proudly Serve :